Tauranga Montessori Education Trust (TMET) was formed in 2002 with the purpose of supporting the Montessori community in the Bay of Plenty.  TMET established Montessori@Bellevue (M@B) in 2002 to provide Montessori Primary education for children aged from 6 to 11 years.  Due to growth and increased demand, TMET established a second Montessori Primary unit at Arataki School in Mount Maunganui in 2016.

Our teachers in both locations ensure that children receive the benefits of the Montessori philosophy and curriculum delivered within the framework of the mainstream school, the New Zealand Curriculum and National Standards for Primary Schools.  Montessori units are fully integrated within the mainstream schools, giving the children access to the wider school programmes, facilities, social and sporting activities.

The Trustees are a group of dedicated parents who work alongside the Boards of Trustees and the Montessori teaching team. TMET is responsible for governance of the Montessori units whilst management is carried out by a Montessori Management Team within the School, closely supported by the School and its Board of Trustees.  The Trustees also look for any opportunity to educate the wider community about the Montessori philosophy of education and to contribute in appropriate ways to that community.

TMET funds Montessori teaching staff salaries which are not funded by the Ministry of Education; Montessori materials; Montessori specific training and staff development. TMET relies on parent donations and fundraising to meet its financial obligations.

The principle objectives of the Trust are:

  1. To promote education via the Montessori philosophy
  2. To establish Montessori education classes to meet demand
  3. To provide guidance where necessary on the establishment and running of Montessori education classes
  4. To provide effective governance to Montessori classes established by the Trust
  5. To liaise with any BOT, Principal or other appropriate education professionals to ensure mutual understanding and solid working relationships to allow Montessori education classes to function effectively
  6. To provide professional development to Montessori teachers working within classes governed by the Trust
  7. To donate, loan or otherwise supply Montessori materials to classes governed by the Trust or to any other institution the Trust deems suitable.

The Statement of Purpose of the Trust is to promote and provide an education inspired by the Montessori philosophy which nurtures in the child a lifelong love of learning through self-discovery.